Weather Data


                 {"id":520,"main":"Rain","description":"light intensity shower rain","icon":"09d"},
                 {"id":500,"main":"Rain","description":"light rain","icon":"10d"},

Description parameters

id City identificator mandatory
dt Time of data receiving in unixtime GMT mandatory coord.lng City location mandatory
name City name mandatory
main.temp Temperature in Kelvin. Subtracted 273.15 from this figure to convert to Celsius. mandatory
main.humidity Humidity in % mandatory
main.temp_min main.temp_max Minimum and maximum temperature Optional
main.pressure Atmospheric pressure in hPa mandatory
wind.speed Wind speed in mps mandatory
wind.deg Wind direction in degrees (meteorological) mandatory
clouds.all Cloudiness in % mandatory
weather weather condition More about data Weather Condition Codes Optional
rain.3h Precipitation volume mm per 3 hours Optional
snow.3h Precipitation volume mm per 3 hours Optional