Hello! This is a new bug tracker of the OpenWeatherMap project. It is much easier to use it than old one. We have two main projects - OpenWeatherMap API and OpenWeatherMap Web. For each project we have separated bug tracker where you can add any issues, read news, descriptions and WiKi. We will very appreciate any contribution that help us to improve the service!

If you were registered in the old bug tracker on openwearthermap.org please reset your password. Just follow the link http://bugs.openweathermap.org/account/lost_password

OpenWeatherMap API -> http://bugs.openweathermap.org/projects/api

OpenWeatherMap Web-site -> http://bugs.openweathermap.org/projects/web

Latest projects

  • OpenWeatherMap Web-site (02/05/2013 07:18 am)

    OpenWeatherMap Web-site project is devoted to all issues about openweathermap.org web-site - bugs, ideas to improve, and many others.

  • OpenWeatherMap API (02/05/2013 07:17 am)

    OpenWeatherMap API is devoted to API, of cause. All issues concerned API description, bugs, future requests, examples of API using and many others please add in the bug tracker of this section.